Spring 2024 Group Lessons (Aspire & Learn To Skate)

We are please to announce that the Spring 2024 group lessons are now available for purchase on Entry Eeze.  The program  starts on January 7th  and ends with the ice show in March.  The programs price includes 9 Sunday skating sessions, 10 Thursday skating sessions, and 10 Thursday off-ice sessions, participation in the “Aspire” show number, and a show t-shirt.   Total cost for the program will be $270. Although the group lessons are associated with our “Aspire” program, Coach Jen has organized the program so that it should have something to interest any skater  at/above basic 4, including those working on dance and basic jumps. Please contact Jen ( ) if you have any questions about the programs content and suitability. For skaters who are not ready for these group lessons, we are working on offering a Learn To Skate style program that is tentatively scheduled to be weekly 30 minute sessions  starting

2023-24 Ice Packages and Group Lessons

This season’s ice packages, and our first session of group lessons, are now available for purchase on EntryEeze . The ice packages start on Sunday September 10th and group lessons (Copper Country Aspire) will start on Sunday September 24th. Below is a guideline of what your skater should register for this season based on their current skating level. Your skater is working on basic skills (3+) or their first skating skills test (pre-preliminary skating skills or singles) Register each skater for a Copper Country Aspire membership ($10) on EntryEeze.  Purchase “Group Lessons - Country Country Aspire” on the Merchandise tab on EntryEeze for each skater. The skaters will meet on-ice on Sundays (3-3:50pm) and Thursdays (7-7:30pm) beginning September 24th for eight weeks.  Additional packages for the next part of the season will be available at a later time. Ice time and all lesson costs are included in the $200 fee! You don’t need to arrange for a coach. Sessions will be limited to 20 skate

2023 Spring Ice Show

Our 2023 spring ice show theme is World Tour, which was originally planned for Spring 2020 and cancelled due to the Pandemic. The show will feature skaters from CCSA, local skating clubs, and The Figure Skating Club of Michigan Tech, all performing to music with an international flavor.  Show night will be March 25th at 7pm Rehearsals start on March 8th

Holiday Recital

Mark your calendar for the 2022 Holiday Recital on Thursday December 8th where we are planning to feature scenes from Nutcracker on Ice, and hoping to have a potluck/pastry social afterwards.